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Do you have an idea that can make Braintrust better? A bug to report? A frustrating experience? Share your thoughts here!

  1. Talent Dashboard

    A landing page for Talent users where they gain situational awareness. Personalized dashboard with each module toggles off/on : β€’ profile analytics (views, clicks) β€’ proposals: drafts/sent/viewed/accepted/withdraw β€’ recommended jobs β€’ discord: notifications, unread message preview, hot topics β€’ earnings User benefit: a summary view of personalized information which is currently out of view, behind navigation or icons

    Patrick S
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  2. Improve Job Search

    Jobs Search has numerous bugs and is missing critical search criteria. Submitted on behalf of Chris Fox See original post

    Megan Conard
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  3. Systematically remove jobs from the Job List if they have expired

    Some were submitted five or more months ago yet are still accepting proposals. Eliminate jobs that are no longer open. Submitted on behalf of JF on Jan 28, 2022 See original post Simi

    Megan Conard
    #Frustrating Experience 🀯


  4. Improved Feedback from Clients on talent that was not selected

    Clients not replying to proposals or explaining why they don't hire. Submitted on behalf of J Faleiro on Jan 28, 2022 See original post

    Megan Conard


  5. Talent profile - multiple versions

    When submitting a proposal it would be helpful having multiple versions of my profile to highlight different skills. Currently you'd have to rewrite your profile to tailor the job and your proposal. If I submit a proposal for a project manager job I'd want to use my project manager version, when I apply for devops my devops version, for solution architecture I'd highlight the leadership and technical skills required for the job. This would help give you the best chance of standing out in connection to your proposal.

    Per B
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  6. Give Option For Freelancers To Receive Payment In USDT!

    This is the third time that I am not receiving my payment after more than one week of client paying. The status of the payment has been stuck in "processing payment" for days now which did not use to be so. Sort this issue out with your payment provider - transferwise - or switch to a new payment provider. Or better still, give option for users to receive their payment instantly in USDT after client is charged. You keep the FIAT and release USDT to freelancers. This constant delay of releasing funds is affecting my work drastically. PLEASE FIX THIS!

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  7. Customize "Name" associated with a referral link

    The referral link is to a page with "Jennifer invited you to sign up." A freelance agency (a company for the Talent) may want its name to be shown -- not the human name of the person who signed up. There are privacy concerns that an individual has. The people being referred may trust an agency's name more. Have no name on the page of the referral link or give the account user a field to enter to put in the name of their choice. This was the page of the referral link that will show "Talent Scounts Inc." or have no association visibly to the person who will get the referral bonus. For referral liability, some people would be more inclined to give out the link if their name was not associated with the link.

    Megan Conard


  8. Improve Job Descriptions

    Many client jobs are written in unappealing ways, so talent won't apply. Sometimes I see openings I decide not to apply to for the way the job is posted, something like: Unappealing. Sounds boring, limiting. Wording. Techs don't mix and match, make no sense, or wrong acronyms. Seems like not much thought was put into it. Condescending. Gives too much information in the JD for a senior position that should be assumed known, such as Git Allow for talent feedback on job postings. Submitted on behalf of J Faleiro on Jan 28, 2022 See original post

    Megan Conard


  9. POAPs for events

    Short for "Proof of Attendance Protocol," P.O.A.P. is the platform and infrastructure that enables the creation and storage of memories by POAP issuers and POAP collectors. Each POAP is a digital record held by collectors as digital proof that they attended, or participated in, a physical, virtual, or spiritual event. POAPs are a gift from issuers to collectors that acknowledge the non-material (and, yet, invaluable) contributions that members of a community contribute to the collective health of the social organism in the form of time, energy, attention, participation, goodwill, talent, and other forms of prosocial activity. POAPs are very popular In Web 3.0 space I believe The Braintrust also can use POAPs for some events as such as Community Call, Video Interview session etc. 1️⃣ For implement this idea need to develop the design of POAPs first of all. And there is many option to do that: πŸ”Έ Braintrust Team will develop the design itself πŸ”Έ Run design competition in Discord for all level users πŸ”Έ Contact with team of POAPathon Discord to arrange competition in their Discord. Instruction here: πŸ”Έ Contact with Gitcoin team because sometimes they arrange such competition during Hackathons in their platform. Example is here: 2️⃣ After choosing of POAP design need to create an application in platformю. (Instruction here: Aditional resources: POAP Directory:

    Rail S
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  10. Improving the Discord onboarding experience

    Joining Discord was a bit of an disorienting experience- I wasn't clear on where to go or what I had to do. I joined at the advice of Adam & Gabe to 'meet the team'. Suggestion #1 Tailor the on-boarding experience with the assumption the new joiner has no background on Braintrust (since they could be at any point on the marketing funnel) What this means: On Discord, explain the what: e.g. Braintrust is a network (built by freelancers for freelancers) to find opportunities. The purpose of the Discord is to build a community and improve the network itself. On Discord, explain the why: e.g. To become part of the network, new members must contribute to its growth. The more you contribute, the more access you will get to x/y/z. On Discord, ensure that the guide/prompts give enough of a summary as to not necessitate a new member to leave Discord to read a website (drop-off risk), but it's totally fine to provide an accompanying link for more info At a more tactical level: Visually, I would make step #1 to join the Community Call and step #2 to do the proof of work, even if the new member doesn't do it in this order. My assumption is the call will explain a lot of the above, including the proof-of-work piece. Include the link Annelie sent me to the Proof-of-work step listed in the Proof-of-work channel Maybe even have provide a proof-of-work example in the Discord (e.g. 'Jon posted how he would improve the onboarding experience in the #product-feedback channel as proof-of-work')

    Jon L
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  11. Allow Talent to offer themselves up to Clients as apprentice/intern

    As an Approved Talent I would like to be able to offer my services for free or low cost. This offer would be for a negotiated period only and it's purpose would be: Provide an opportunity for Talent to gather more experience in their existing skills or enter new fields such as Web3 Provide opportunities for a Client to lower the perceived risk of employing someone who may not fit Allow Braintrust to collaborate with Clients in terms of raising skills and experience in the Talent community Enable Talent Matchers/Account Managers to offer something which costs very little for the Client and benefits the entire ecosystem as far as high quality skills are concerned Personally I am able and willing to join a Client for an agreed upon period on specific Web3 projects. The Client may, after this period, close out the engagement or make an offer. This idea hinges on the fact that there may well be many Talents who are as willing to participate as I am. They would be risking their time and effort but the reward of added experience and the heightened possibility of being hired are serious upsides.

    Aubrey M
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  12. Implement video intros

    I know that some platforms do this already, but it would be great to have. Have the functionality to upload a small, 1-2' video about ourselves so that clients get a better idea of who they're dealing with. It would allow people to showcase their interpersonal and communication skills and, perhaps, convince some clients to broaden their job search globally instead of domestically.

    Bill P
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  13. Add a Timezone filter

    Hello :) I am based in Europe and most of the job openings are USA/Canada only. Currently, there is no filter to filter out Timezone, I have to scroll through the list one by one to spot the job openings in the EU timezone. Additionally, a Timezone map can help to filter out easily, but this is an advanced feature. I am trying to bring more clients to this platform. I hope there will be more and more people knowing about this platform in Europe.

    #Platform Improvement πŸ‘#Jobs Search & Filter


  14. Reality, what a concept

    I may be late to the party on matching resumes, but candidates tend to ignore requirements because often they have no basis in reality. In the tech field we have too many stories of requirements for X number of years experience when the technology has not been around for that length of time. Or requiring every skill meaning the recruiter is looking for an impossible unicorn. So we ignore the requirements making it a much harder job for the recruiter. My advice is to have requirements that are realistically human.



  15. Implement a policy for compensation for all interview projects

    Clients ask for uncompensated projects to be done during the interview process. Often requiring coding etc. projects that take days. Implement a policy for compensation for all interview projects

    Megan Conard